Our rules
Terms of Service
Please read the following rules carefully before signing in.
Main Rules
1.1 - Any person who has reached the age of 18 years can become Investor of the Company.

1.2 - User registration is the only reason for assignment of status of Investor for him and granting access to all website functions.

1.3 - It is necessary to refuse registration if you have certain doubts in your capability to keep strictly to all rules and standards of cooperation with the Company.

1.4 - The Company enters into commitment to preserve personal data of Investor fully confidential with a mandatory condition of nondisclosure.
Rights, Warranties and Responsibility of the Company
2.1 - The Company undertakes the responsibility to direct funds received from Investor to its primary activity contained in constitutional documents.

2.2 - The Company guarantees to make on time payments of profit in the amounts set in Investment Plan of each Investor.

2.3 - The Company guarantees to make payments in full accordance with rules specified by Regulation and prescribed in this document.

2.4 - The Company casts off responsibility for cases of potential technical faults and failures in operation of payment systems used by Investor for depositing and withdrawal of financial means.

2.5 - Each transaction made from the side of Investor is final and irrevocable.

2.6 - The Company is not liable for all operations improperly performed due to the fault of Investor. Compensation of lost funds in all such cases is excluded.

2.7 - The Company’s area of responsibility includes preservation and full confidentiality of information provided from Investor.

2.8 - The Company possesses copyrights for all materials and tools located on website. Non-approved use of copyright content on external resources is forbidden.
Investor’s Rights and Obligations
3.1 - Investor shall specify actual private data in the process of registration on website.

3.2 - Investor is liable for execution of transactions. Investor has a right to ask for assistance from technical support of the Company on any issues resulted in the course of refill of personal balance on the website or income withdrawal.

3.3 - The whole functional accessible for the use by Investor is provided exclusively for carrying out of investment activities. Illegal actions on the website that inflict damages on the Company lead to punishment in a form of account blocking and confiscation of all funds available on personal balance with no right to return.

3.4 - Investor automatically consents to processing of personal data by representatives of the Company under the terms and conditions of existing legislative provisions.

3.5 - Upon registration, Investor automatically consents to processing of its personal data by specialists of the Company in accordance with existing legislative provisions.

3.6 - It is forbidden for Investor to create several accounts. Duplicate accounts shall be deleted and funds are frozen.

3.7 - Investor shall carry on its investment activity in compliance with all clauses of international law that prohibits carrying out any financial operations with illegal source of funds.

3.8 - Investor undertakes the responsibility to comply strictly with tax legislation of its country.

3.9 - Investor is deprived of right to create accounts with the use of personal referral link for the purpose of abuse of terms and conditions of partner program. Upon detection of such facts, all accounts together with funds on their balances are blocked.
Force-Majeure Circumstances
4.1 - In the event of occurrence of force-majeure circumstances that do not depend on the Company, cooperation with Investor is discontinued for an indefinite term.
Alterations and Amendments to the Rules
5.1 - The Company has a right to alter and amend existing rules which become effective immediately after their publishing in this Chapter.
Terms and Conditions of Termination of Collaboration
6.1 - Any party can initiate termination of collaboration.

6.2 - The Company has a right to terminate collaboration with Investor subject to detection of violations of existing rules and any actions of fraudulent nature.

6.3 - Investor can initiate termination of its participation in investment project any time without explanations.
Disputable situations
7.1 - Disputable situations between parties are settled by means of negotiations. If it not possible to build consensus, the dispute is settled by the court.